Time Management Made Simple

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Discover How to Manage Your Time Better and Plan Your Day Right… Starting Now!

This video course is designed to help you improve your time management skills with helpful easy-to-use tools and techniques.


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Not to get too philosophical or sound too dramatic but the reality is that life is made from time. In fact, some thinkers suggest that consciousness itself is tied closely to time.

You are given a finite amount of time on this planet and as far as we know, that’s all you’re ever going to get. Life is an incredibly precious and amazing thing and you owe it to yourself to make full use of this time while you have the chance.

The only trouble is…

Sometimes it seems like there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything you NEED to do, and still have enough time for what you WANT to do.

Time is definitely limited, but I’m glad to say that there is a way to get more out of the time you have.

Whether it’s for your work or for life in general, this video course is going to guide you through the process of managing time more effectively.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify the right moment for your different priorities
  • Ways to map out things you cannot do without, or activities you cannot forgo
  • All about the 80/20 rule
  • How to prevent “burnout”
  • Why automation can help you do more in less time.
  • How to apply HIIT training methods to your daily life.
  • And much more besides!

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to do more in less time, and be more efficient.


Only an open mind and willingness to learn.

Course Breakdown

Section 1: Introduction

Before we dig deeper into the course, it is important that you get in the right mindset and know exactly what to do. This will make implementation faster and easier. In this first section, we set the tone for the rest of the course and you will be given a quick overview of each of the course topics.

Section 2: What Does Your Day Really Look Like?

A lot of people simply drift through each day without really paying attention to the tasks they’re doing. This section will show you how to assess your day properly and really see what a typical day looks like. This will help determine if you are effectively allocating your time to what matters.

Section 3: Your Highs and Lows

Now that you have an idea of what a typical day looks like, it’s time to determine your ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. Your ‘highs’ refers to when you are most productive, while your ‘lows’ are when you are least productive. In this section, you will discover that having an understanding of your ‘high’ and ‘low’ moments can significantly improve your time management skills.

Section 4: The Truth about Multitasking

Many people believe that multitasking is a good skill to have. But how does multitasking affect your productivity? This section will reveal the truth about multitasking, and provide you with some proven techniques to help speed up your tasks the right way.

Section 5: Time Management Tools

There are many time management tools available to help you manage your time more effectively. This section will cover some of the best time management tools out there.

Section 6: Pomodoro Technique Timers

Pomodoro is a proven and effective time management technique and can help boost your productivity. In this section, you will learn more about how this powerful technique works.

Section 7: Automate Your Tasks

Automation makes life easier. From the simplest chore to the most technical matter, this section will show you ways to automate your tasks so that you have less to worry about, and less to get done.

Section 8: Automating Your Email

Is your inbox clogged with unread or uncategorized emails? Email management is a time-sapping problem. This section will dig deeper into the different ways you can automate your email and free up more time.

Section 9: Automating Facebook and Twitter Posts

These days, growing your business is usually means using social media. However, with the task load you have to deal with every day, managing social media can cause you lots of extra work. The solution? Learn how to automate your Twitter and Facebook posts.

About the Instructor

Alex Conroe

Trainer and voiceover artist


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