The Knack of Managing and Supervising

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Some people think it’s easy to move from being an employee to being the boss. WRONG! Just take a look at their businesses or departments. The results speak for themselves: poor morale, bad decisions, high staff turnover, and general confusion.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Managing and supervising are skills, and you can learn skills.


The big problem is most books about managing and supervising are just too simplistic in their concepts and examples. They might be good for high school business major “wannabes”, but they’re not much use for people working in the “real world”. They tend to be boring too.

Many videos on the subject use a shotgun approach to teaching. Instead of actually laying down any principles, they use a touchy-feely “multiple persepectives” approach, which results in a confused student wondering just what the heck he or she was supposed to have learned.

Sound familiar?

But now there’s good news!

This course is based a long-lost manuscript by highly acclaimed authors, Herbert Watson and Lewis K. Urquhart. This gem from a golden age of business is the secret resource many top managers and supervisors used to perfect their skills years ago.

Why? The reason is simple: It is clearly based on experience rather than the dry old management theories peddled by most (boring) textbooks.

What you will learn:

  • How to understand and think like a boss
  • The most important skill every boss needs to have: Getting other people to co-operate.
  • Ways of keeping employees motivated
  • Effective ways of juggling all the extra demands that come with being a manager or supervisor
  • And much more besides!

Who this course is for:

  • Newly promoted managers and supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Small business owners who are expanding their businesses and taking on staff for the first time
  • Any Manager or supervisor who want to be better of more effective at their job.


There are no specific requirements for this course other than a willingness to learn and an open mind.

Course Breakdown

Section 1: Developing a Management Mind Set.

In this section, you’ll begin to understand and think like a boss. It covers things like:

  • The five steps to successfully managing any task or situation.
  • What to do first, before you do anything else
  • HOW to figure out WHAT needs to be done next (skipping this is a recipe for disaster)
  • Goal setting – and how to make sure your goal can be achieved every time.
  • Drawing up an action plan that’s guaranteed to work
  •  Setting up a system
  •  How to keep everyone working
  • Meeting deadlines
  •  And more!

Section 2: Becoming a Super Supervisor.

  • Here’s where you develop the most important skill every boss needs to have: Getting other people to co-operate. You’ll also discover things like:
  • The most important thing to bear in mind when you want someone to do something for you.
  • Should you treat everyone who works for you the same, or differently?
  • Time management
  •  What tasks you should delegate to others, and what you should keep for yourself – and why
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Communication
  • Introducing new working practices
  • Morale
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Carrying out a time and motion study – and other ways of increasing efficiency
  •  And  more!

Section 3: Getting Your Priorities in Order

It can be a shock to the system when you have to start juggling all the extra demands that come with being a manager or supervisor, so this section covers things like:

  •  Prioritizing tasks and resources
  •  Why some small things can have big repercussions
  •  How to tell when something really is trivial and when it isn’t.
  • When it’s acceptable to “bend the rules” a bit, and when you should play it strictly “by the book”.
  • And more besides!

Extra Section: Motivation

According to a recent survey, keeping employees motivated is the number one problem many managers and supervisors have. This extra section explains:

  • How to tell if you have a motivation problem
  • Why people become unmotivated
  • The two types of employee motivation, and how you can tap into them
  • Why money alone ISN’T always the best motivator
  • What motivators work
  • What motivators don’t work
  • And a lot more — including some case studies highlighting the “right” and “wrong” way to do things.
  • If you have a problem with motivating your employees, absenteeism, low morale, high staff turnover, etc. you won’t want to miss this.

Expert Podcasts

Team Working
Interview with Catherine Paris.

As former head of the Women in Need Network, Catherine Paris has had many years of experience building and managing teams in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Listen in as she talks through:

  • How to build a winning team
  • Managing people in teams
  • Team building exercises
  • The three different types of teams
  • Characteristics of good teams – and what to do if things turn sour
  • Formal and informal groups
  • Effective communications within teams
  • Why the best of friends can make the worst of team-mates
  • Leadership within work groups
  • And much, much more.

Interview with Lori Barber

One thing that many new managers and supervisors find daunting, is getting the right people to work for them. All of a sudden the tables are turned, and you go from being the interviewee looking for a job, to the interviewer looking to fill a position. I was, therefore, privileged to be able to secure this consultation with Lori Barber of Lori is also the author of two books on the subject of recruitment and retention: “Recruiting and Selecting Top Employees” and “Human Resources Essentials”.

Lori talked through the entire hiring process including:

  • What to do BEFORE you even think about hiring someone
  • The three phases of interviewing
  • The best place to look for new employees (and it’s probably not somewhere you may have thought of).
  • How many interviews you should conduct before making a hiring decision
  • One-on-one interviews, or an interview panel – which is best?
  • Places you can advertise your job opening for free
    What you should expect to pay if you employ someone via an agency
  • How you can counter the sort of “stock answers” people try to give at interviews, and find out what they really know!
  • The right sort of questions to ask at an interview
  • Questions you should NEVER ask at an interview
  • And more!

Customer Relationship Management
Interview with Dave Paget

Just the mention of the words “Customer Relationship Management”, or the letters “CRM” is enough to turn many a manager or supervisor’s knees to jelly! Fortunately,  Dave Paget gives listeners the benefit of his 11 years experience in customer relationship management (including time spent working for one of the UK’s largest information companies), and helps clear up some of the confusion.  Listen in as Dave explains:

  • Why customer relationship management is more than just an application of software
  • What a CRM system can and can’t do for your company
  • The difference between Operational, Collaborative, and Analytical CRM systems
  • Why a CRM system isn’t right for every company
  • How long it takes to train someone to use a CRM system
  • The best ways to integrate a CRM system into your current operation
  • How a CRM system can make it easy for your salespeople to “upsell”
  • Why it’s crucial to get everyone in the company or department on board with a CRM system, and how it only takes a few people to blow the entire system!
  • And a whole lot more.

Dave also shares some amazing anecdotes – including how a company’s CRM system helped him to turn a customer complaint into a high value sale, over the phone, in just 45 minutes!

In fact, there’s so much information packed into this interview, we’ve had to split it up and put it in two separate podcasts as it’s just too much to absorb in one go!

About the Instructors

Herbert Watson

Herbert Watson was a manager and specialist business author. He wrote many articles for the now defunct magazine "Factory and Industrial Management", as well as the books "The Knack of Selling" and "Applied Business Correspondence"

Lewis K. Urquhart.

Lewis K. Urquhart was an author, business journalist and writer for “Factory and Industrial Management” magazine

Shaun Pearce

Shaun Pearce is an entrepreneur, writer and film maker specializing in training and marketing videos.


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