Online Sales for Offline Retailers

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Don’t Let Covid Put Your Retail Operation in Peril!

This course will show you, step by step, how to add an online “branch” to your existing retail business, enabling you to trade with customers 24/7 – even if they are unwilling or unable to visit your store in person.


  • 4 Hours video-based tuition in 26 modules (learn at your own pace, on any device)
  • Worksheets and resources
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If you’re in retail, you’ll know things are pretty tough right now. Footfall seems to decrease year on year, and if you’re forced to close due to a coronavirus lockdown, you may well wonder if it’s the final hammer blow.

You know it’s true: Things just cannot go on as they are.

There’s an old saying, though: In adversity there’s opportunity.

And the good news is…

Your customers are still there – they’re just not coming through your door like they used to. If they won’t (or can’t) come to you, then you’ll have to go to them. This course will teach you just how to do that.

What you will learn:

  • Why it pays to set up an online “branch” to your existing retail business.

  • Ways to define your USP and identify your typical customer.

  • How to create an unique online brand and stop your competitors from hijacking it.

  • Why you need to take a different approach to marketing online compared to offline.

  • How to set up a fully functioning e-commerce website in less than a day.

  • Ways to use your e-commerce site to increase footfall in your retail store.

  • And more!

Who this course is for:

Established retailers with one (or more) shops in a mall or high street.


Basic computer skills. Knowledge of English to high school standard.

Course Breakdown:

Module 1: Introduction.

This module covers why and how this course can be beneficial to you. Why you need to put your shop online now, and how (as an established retailer) you have an advantage over other “newbies”.

Module 2: Define your typical customer.

Offline, you know who your customers are – because you see them every day. You have a pretty good idea about what they like and what they don’t like. In fact, this is so commonplace you probably don’t give it a lot of thought; you simply adjust your sales pitch for every customer. Online, though, you don’t have that luxury. You need to define who your typical customer is, and base all your online sales and marketing on that definition. This module will enable you to do just that.

Module 3: Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Why should people buy from you instead of your competitors? What do you do or sell that sets you apart from other retailers? The answers to these questions will guide everything else you do. This module will make it easy to get your USP right.

Module 4: Your Brand

Brand building is much more important online than it is offline. Many small and medium sized retailers don’t give this any thought at all. Big mistake! This module will talk you through the various elements that go into building a successful brand, and how you can use your brand to bind the offline and online parts of your business together.

Module 5: Your Domain

This module will explain why choosing the right domain is so important, it covers how to choose the right one for your site, how to choose the correct extension, and suggests some places to buy a domain.

Module 6: How to stop competitors from hijacking your brand.

It can be a cut-throat, ruthless world online. With what you’ll learn in this module, you’ll be well placed to prevent your competitors from benefiting from all your hard work.

Module 7: Shopping cart platforms.

There are a myriad of different e-commerce platforms out there. This module will help you decide which one is right for you.

Module 8: Website hosting

This module should help you get the right hosting for your site. This subject is a minefield – and the cheapest hosting isn’t always the best – but you’ll be able to navigate it with the information you’ll learn here.

Module 9: Getting Started

This module talks you through the basics of getting set up online.

Module 10: Setting up your shopping cart.

Watch over my shoulder as I install e-commerce software. Even if you’re not “techie”, you won’t have any trouble setting things up after you’ve finished this module.

Module 11: Your theme

This module with help you decide what “theme” (or template) is right for your site. You need to stand out from your competitors, but also appeal to customers. You’ll find plenty of food for thought here.

Module 12: Currency

Are you going to trade locally or internationally? Your decision will shape the currency your online shop trades in. This module will help you make the right decision.

Module 13: Getting paid

That’s the whole point of being in business, right? This module will talk you through the various ways of getting paid online – including one payment method you MUST have to succeed online.

Module 14: Delivery options

This module will help you avoid a classic mistake so many people make that leaves them out of pocket when they start trading online. You’ll also learn why “Click and collect” is so important to the health of your offline business.

Module 15: Other pages

This module will cover some of the other pages your e-commerce site should have – both for customer convenience, and for legal compliance.

Module 16: Your Helpdesk

This module explains why a helpdesk is a major asset to your business, and how to install one so it works properly and efficiently.

Module 17: Other things to consider

This module covers some additions it’s a good idea to install to help make your site more efficient.

Module 18: Copywriting

Copywriting is often known as “salesmanship in print” and getting it right can make the difference between having an e-commerce site that converts well, and one that never makes any money at all. You’ll also learn about a source of inspiration for your webcopy that you’ve probably be overlooking for years!

Module 19: Listing your products

Watch over my shoulder as I list products on my e-commerce site. Feeling intimidated by the task? You won’t be after you’ve finished this module.

Module 20: Customizing the menu

This module will walk you through getting your site’s menu just right so customers can find their way around your online shop just as easily as they can your “bricks and mortar” store.

Module 21: Final Tweaks

This module will guide you through the final tweaks and checks you need to carry out – including test purchases – to get your online shop ready to open for business.

Module 22: Marketing your site offline

In this module you’ll learn some tried and tested ways of getting customers to your online store (and your offline one, too). You may be using some of these already, others are so obvious when you know about them, you’ll kick yourself for not trying them before.

Module 23: Marketing your site online

Getting online traffic isn’t as easy as it seems. This module will make the task much easier. You’ll also learn why (initially) getting to the top of the Google rankings shouldn’t be your number one priority. Not many people know this interesting secret – and when you know it, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors.

Module 24: Analytics

Knowing where your visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your site (and what they look at while they’re there) can help you increase your site’s conversion. This module will explain all.

Module 25: Using your website to test market new product lines at zero risk

When you invest in a new product line, there’s always the risk it won’t sell and you’ll end up losing money. With the little known facts you’ll discover in this module, that risk becomes a thing of the past. Now you’ll only ever stock things that sell – both online and in your offline store.

Module 26: Conclusion.

Here we’ll wrap everything up, and cover a few things that don’t fit in anywhere else.

About the Instructor

Shaun Pearce

Shaun Pearce is an entrepreneur, writer and film maker specializing in training and marketing videos


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