Copywriting 101

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Here’s How To Easily Master The Skill That Could Help Make You Your First Million…

This course will show you easy to implement ways that can turn poor copy into powerhouse copy.


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This course is about Direct Response copywriting – the skill of putting words on paper (or on screen, like this) that SELL.

Now, I’m not going to gently introduce you to copywriting in this course … I’m assuming you know what it is, and you’ve at least tried writing some sales copy.

If you’re a complete newbie to sales copy, then what I’m going to talk you through here may be a little advanced. BUT – if you’re really serious about succeeding and become a master copywriter, you’ll read every word on this page.

Because I’ve discovered easy to implement ways that can turn poor copy into powerhouse copy.

What you will learn:

  • How to benefit and profit more in your business and more specifically your website with copywriting
  • The most powerful ways that copywriting can increase your sales.
  • Credibility – and how the more you establish it with a reader, the more likely you are to make a sale
  • Why the language used in your copy is critically important
  • How to make your copy interesting and conversational in nature
  • Why bulleted lists are a very important part of your sales letter
  • And much more besides!

Who this course is for:

Aspiring copywriters; Business owners, both online and offline who want to improve their marketing and advertising copy.


A good grasp of English to High School standard.

Course Breakdown

Section 1

In this section I’ll introduce you to how to start getting more response from your copy.

Section 2

Here’s a tactic that may amaze you – a very quick and simple change that can be easily worth hundreds of thousands in extra sales.

Section 3

In this section we’ll talk about something so fundamental to making sales, it’s often overlooked. Very important.

Section 4

Here we’ll talk through how to easily increase the response percentage of your web page by several times.

Section 5

In this section I’ll talk you through an element of your copy that can literally make or break your business.

Section 6

Here we’ll talk through how to discover the right ‘tone’ for your copy. Often overlooked.

Section 7

In this section I’ll show you a dramatic short cut for becoming a master copywriter in record time.

Section 8

Here I’ll reveal how to answer the questions of your readers… before they ask them!

Section 9

In this section I’ll show you how to make sure your copy actually gets READ.

Section 10

Discover a dead simple tactic that can dramatically increase response.

Section 11

In this section I’ll show you a simple tactic that instantly makes your copy a LOT more readable.

Section 12

Here you’ll discover the copywriting trap most people fall into, and how you can avoid it.

About the Instructor

Louis McDade

Professional Copywriter


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